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Ilitch Deep Blues Dyna Dist Overdrive


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The Deep Blues pedal by Ilitch Electronics creates a wide range of tube-style tones from Blues to Rock, from a very warm, smooth, clean Overdrive to a biting Distortion with tons of high harmonics. Maximum Gain = 47dB.Controls:DRIVE - Wide range gain control lets you adjust the overdrive and/or distortion level from very light to an aggressive overdrive and high saturated harmonic distortion.DYNA DIST - Mix control lets you adjust the amount of pure, smooth, tube-type overdrive (full dynamic overdrive setting) with a more aggressive, hard edged, harmonically rich fuzz distortion (full distortion setting) and all points in-between. Full DYNA position (counter-clockwise) lets more of the overdriven tone through, giving you a smooth, rounded dynamic, overdriven tube-like tone. Increasing the DIST level (rotating clockwise) increases the harmonic content for a thick, lush, harmonic filled distortion.TONE - Passive, top end roll off control lets you clean up your tone when maxing out the gain (DRIVE) and harmonic response (DYNA DIST full DIST mode). At its max it has a wide band range so you don't lose any of your original tone. Decreasing will create more darker tones without getting muffled.LEVEL - Smooth, logarithmic control lets you adjust the final output level (active when the Pedal is "ON"). All Analog Reliable Performance, selected quality components, and intelligent electronic design gives you consistent performance from studio to stage independent of the size of your amplifier.Specifications:100% True Bypass ON-OFF switching.Bright LED indicator1/4" Input and Output female Jacks500K Ohm Input Impedance.Less than 10K Ohm Output Impedance.Max. Gain - "DRIVE"@ Max:DYNA Mode (DYNA DIST @ MIN): >35 dBDIST Mode (DYNA DIST @ MAX): >47 dBUnity gain noise: < -110 dBu*Max Input level: >-3 dBuMax Output Signal: >+3 dBuDC Power supply: Battery or Regulated Adapter 9V +/- 1VCurrent consumption @ 9V DC: <4mA when "OFF" and <4mA when "ON".


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